The MP3 Head Movement Workout


The Head Movement MP3 will help you to build the most important dodging and counter punching techniques, just by listening to my voice, and executing the combos I give you.


This audio training system will help you master some
of the most important Head Movement techniques.

(You will also get in excellent shape if you do this workout
a couple times per week… Double Win.)

I designed this MP3 to help you burn simple head movement skills into your muscle memory, without having to know what you’re doing, or even have any equipment.   When these movements in this workout become second nature to you, you will have accomplished the first step in becoming impossible to hit.

This method of audio training is incredibly effective.  Instead of having to look at a Pre-Written workout, count a certain number of reps, or be creative enough to think of your own drills… all you have to do is play this MP3, execute the moves that I tell you, and your defensive fighting skills will improve drastically.  You get to build your skills without having to think.

Interestingly enough…

Head Movement Training is the ONLY form of fight training in which there is ideally NO impact whatsoever.  If you were to slip a combination of punches perfectly, and every punch whizzed right by your head, it would feel exactly the same as if your opponent wasn’t even there.

You don’t NEED a training partner to build this stuff, because if you’re doing it right, NO ONE EVER TOUCHES YOU.

If you want to build that type of technique, while also getting a crazy about of abdominal/core development, this Head Movement MP3 workout is the perfect tool for the job.  If you want to start working on your defensive fighting skills (including counterpunching) click the button beneath this page to add it to your cart.

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