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The Knife Defense Mastery Course


4.75 out of 5
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This course will revolutionize the way that people approach knife self defense.

Don’t get stabbed.  Don’t get slashed.  Don’t die.

Be a hero.

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4 reviews for The Knife Defense Mastery Course

  1. Jake
    4 out of 5


    This course revolutionizes knife defence… it basically clears out all the crap you see on the internet and teaches you stuff that works in many situations. the only reason that I give it 4 stars (tbh, 4.5/5 if there was an option) is that personally, I’d rather have a workout program like his other courses, where Trav writes a workout for every day or week of the program. Think it would be a bit more clear on what exactly to do after you watch the videos.

  2. Jonayed
    5 out of 5


    As a Martial Artist and self defense enthusiast I was always looking for a realistic knife defense guide for a long time…So, I have seen many many teachers of krav maga,kali or other martial art teachers teaching knife defense….Now I am not going to say they didn’t work although they didn’t work for me well…Because what they teach is “Full Committed” defense against knife attacks…I am a guy who believes in Sparring(slow & hard)……For me if I can’t use a technique in sparring I can’t use it in a fight….Now, The Problem of the “Full Committed” Knife defense techniques is when I spar if my partners trick me then I got stabbed,slashed because I have committed in their fake..So I have to reposition to defend again..So I have to get stabbed….Here Trav’s “Knife Defense Mastery Program” Shines…..He teaches “Non Committal” defense against knife attacks In this course so that you can react to their tricks and fakes…..Which is more and more realistic for a knife attack…I wanna give Trav a “HUUUGGEEE Thanks” for taking time to think about this course and produce this course…This course is the most realistic course for knife defense I have ever seen….

  3. Bradford Speck
    5 out of 5


    Travs system of knife defense may not be thousands of years old like some popular systems, but he has sure done his homework.
    He developed this course based not on tradition, but on real World research as well as lots of hands on experience, & has shown the weakness of so much of the knife defense training being touted by the “experts”.
    A great practical course, taught by a gifted, funny & experienced teacher, that could very well save your life.

  4. Howard Nunya
    5 out of 5


    Kicking myself in the ass for missing the sale. This is quality work, people. I was trying to get a partner to split it with me. Now I’m kicking his ass quite literally for being slow to respond.

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