the jobo takedown system

The Jobo Takedown System


This life-like training system will give you the ultimate edge on honing your takedown skills.  This is the single best piece of wrestling practice equipment ever created.



90% of all takedowns are done with some type of leg attack.  This system allows for a real life feel when penetrating and provides you with a full range of motion.  The JOBO is idea for working on misdirection leg shots, low ankle attacks, front and back trip finishes, low and high leg attacks, and provides strength building resistance from all directions.  It also gives you the ability to work on many different set ups for leg attacks. Hand fakes, head fakes and head snap hand motions can be done before attacking the legs, this is a great way to improve foot work, set up speed, coordination and timing.


  • JOBO sits a full 3 feet away from the wall so that wrestlers can use the full range of motion on all kinds of leg attacks and finishing motions. 
  • JOBO provides PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE as you drive into the legs. The more you drive into the legs, the more resistance you are met with.
  • IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO INSTALL. The wall mount is 6” high by 16 “wide. It is just a matter of putting 4 fastening bolts into the wall.

This product is only shipped in the USA excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

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