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The All Access Pass


Get Full Access to every product in the shop… (including the infamous Ultimate Program).

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The All Access Pass is the best investment that you can possibly make when it comes to building disgustingly powerful fighting skills.

You’ll save a lot of cash if you go with this option, AND it’s the only way to get access to the long lost Ultimate Program, which has been locked for the past three years.

This package will give you access to every single training program and every single MP3 that is currently available, and you’ll have access for a lifetime.  This will NOT unlock every program that I ever make in the future, but here’s what you’ll get:

Six Full Fight Training Courses:

  1. How to fight bigger people ($297)
  2. The Fight Smart Striking Dojo ($297)
  3. The Head Movement Training Program ($97)
  4. The Knife Defense Mastery Course ($197)
  5. How To Fight Multiple Attackers ($197)
  6. Leg Locks – The Great Equalizer ($97)
  7. The Ultimate Training Program ($197)

Two MP3 Workouts

  1. The Striking Workout – to build a powerful offense ($30)
  2. The Head Movement workout – to build an elusive and fight ending defense ($30)

You’re buying a lifetime of martial arts training in this package.  You could honestly work on the stuff in the “How to Fight Bigger People” program for years if you wanted to completely master all of it.  These coaching sessions will help you through this martial arts journey.  It’s good to be able to discuss the things that are working for you vs. the things that need work, and keep you moving towards achieving all of your goals.  It’s easy to fall off the path without a little guidance, so I will keep you on track.

So if you want to have access to a practically limitless supply of vicious fight ending techniques, workouts that will get your ripped while building your skills, and direct access to my brain to help you tie it all together, click the button right beneath this sentence, and grab the All Access Pass.

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3 reviews for The All Access Pass

  1. Ben Furman
    5 out of 5


    Bargain of the Centurion :)))

  2. Bennett V Furman
    5 out of 5


    This could easily save you a beating you would gladly have paid 800 bucks to avoid!!!

  3. Ben Furman
    5 out of 5


    Best thousand bucks I ever spent, could save you about a dozen 1000 in hospital bills…

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