How To Fight Bigger People

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The path to dominating any huge opponent is laid out for you step-by-step in this training course… it’s like a short and violent journey.

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This program will give you a step-by-step method to beat the crap out of HUGE opponents quickly and easily.

If you have encountered a massive bully and embarrassingly crapped your pants in fear before backing down from the fight in a humiliating fashion, then you probably understand how convenient it would be to have a guaranteed method to beat them.

The path to dominating any huge opponent is laid out for you step-by-step in this training course… it’s like a short and violent journey.

If you complete this course on How to Fight Bigger People (FBP for short), you will never have to wonder ‘what to do’ in a fight against someone twice your size, and you will never question yourself when faced with this situation.

(I’d also like to add that this training course and fight strategy will also work fantastically against smaller opponents, but that’s not why it was designed).

“Size does not make you a tough fighter.”

Technique always reigns supreme if you know what you’re doing, but you must learn and sharpen the necessary moves to make them stronger and more effective.

I created this course after years of studying the best smaller fighters in the world, and breaking down the techniques that they used to crush larger opponents… step-by-step.

Before I continue nerding-out on MMA technique…

Please understand that you don’t need to be a skilled fighter to use this course. When these moves are explained correctly, they are easy for everyone.  That said, there are 97 solid videos in this thing, so we cover ALL levels of fight training.

If you’re an advanced guy, you’re going to be challenged by a lot of these moves and sequences.

If you’re a brand new beginner, you’re going to be guided step-by-step through the technique building process, and you will have tons of moves to work towards.

tyson thumbMike Tyson showed us how to move in close without getting hit… then he clubbed his opponents in their most vulnerable zones with his fists. Anyone can do that.
ernesto vs bobKick boxers like Ernesto Hoost have shown us that a BIG fighter is far less dangerous if you deaden ONE of their legs. That pain will leave any oversized human slow and mentally crushed. That makes every part of our strategy easier to execute.
rickson vs levickiThe entire Gracie family showed us that massive opponents are practically defenseless when they’re on the ground. You just need to know the right Jiu Jitsu techniques and one good takedown.

Just to keep piling on information…

genke vs butterAbsurdly small fighters like Genke Sudo demonstrated that Ankle Locks are an amazingly effective way to incapacitate a big fighter. Put a couple of these in your arsenal, and you will be dangerous in any position.

If you combine these skills together, you will end up with a comprehensive strategy for fighting larger people.  Then you can move swiftly through a step-by-step progression of moves designed to break your opponent. It doesn’t even matter how muscle bound he might be.

This program is broken into Three Modules of video techniques.

Module 1’s videos focus on stand up fighting…

You will learn:

  • How to stay safe at the start of a fight
  • How to stop huge charging opponents
  • How to move in close without being hit
  • How to knock your opponent unconsious with tricky set-ups
  • How to deaden your opponent’s leg so he can’t move

Module 2 Focuses on Takedowns, Improving your position, and Ground n’ Pound.

You will learn:

  • The absolute best takedowns to use against larger people
  • How to instantly damage your opponent from any “landing position”
  • How to drive your opponent into a wall for some easy takedowns
  • How to put your opponent into positions where he is helpless on the ground
  • Some unstoppable ground n’ pound attacks

Module 3 focuses on dominant ground fighting techniques:

  • The best joint breaking submission moves to use, and how to set them up
  • Lightning fast ways to break your opponents feet and ankles
  • The easiest ways to choke your opponent to sleep
  • More gruesome Ground n’ Pound
  • Some practically unstoppable moves that no one has ever seen before this course

Now of course knowing the best moves is a big part of becoming a skilled slayer-of-larger-people… but knowing how to train the moves is the other half of the picture.

On top of every technique that I cover, I will give you a downloadable written workout that you can use to engrain these skills into your muscle memory.  Moves become second nature… your body will become hardened, and you will have the skills of an MMA fighter… because you will legitimately become one.

MMA moves work… and we have SEEN them work at every level of fighting.

Fake martial arts waste your time, and lead you to get the crap beat out of you.

I understand that many people really struggle with the practice side of fighting.  It’s a lot easier to watch Rocky Balboa montages than it is to do the work yourself.  In reality, most folks have no access to a gym, and no access to any sparring or drilling partners.

Taking this into consideration,  I highlight countless methods that you can use as a solo practitioner, without any partner and without any equipment, to build the techniques at hand.

If you go through this three month course, you will have some savage fighting ability.  You will have the ability to beat the crap out of anyone.  After being  programmed with gruesomely effective, “cage-ready” technique, you won’t hesitate to break it out if necessary.

More importantly, you will have a ridiculous degree of confidence that people will sense before a fight starts… many conflicts will be solved by having the right attitude, which you will have earned at that point.

And of course… there’s the Guarantee!

This training course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t think that this program is life-changing, I’ll give you your money back… no questions asked.

Grab the training course on Fighting Bigger People by clicking the link below this paragraph.  Unleash the dominant fighter that you have in your heart, build the confidence of an MMA fighter, and refuse to be humiliated by these over-sized wimps.

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