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The Head Movement Training Program

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The Head Movement Training Program will teach you how to become impossible to hit in a street fight.

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This program will teach you how to dodge every single punch thrown at you in a street fight. You can become legitimately un-hittable.

(and of course impressing the crap out of anyone who sees it happen).

The truth of a fight is that one single punch can knock your teeth out, break your nose, or embarrassingly put you to sleep in front of an onlooking crowd.  That, my friends, is a nightmare.

I used to be incredibly paranoid about fighting.  It was something that I obsessed over constantly, and something that made me nervous for a large portion of my life.  How can you possibly be relaxed or calm in a fight when it can be over after just ONE wrong move?

Even if you’re the better fighter with the hardest punches and sharper skills, there’s always a chance that you get tagged on the chin, and you take a nap… the kind of nap where people can stomp on your face for a while before you wake up  o.O

I was on a quest to solve this problem… and I was in 5th grade.

Annoyingly enough, even though I wanted to learn, there was nowhere to go!  Most martial arts schools were completely fake, and I saw that kids who “did Karate” got their asses beat regularly.

To in a pathetic attempt to solve this problem, I just watched Rocky movies repeatedly for the next 8 years.  I threw punches at the bathroom mirror while I waited for the shower water to heat up, and I continued to be miserable every time I found a conflict.

Fast forward to the year 2000, I walked in a Mixed Martial Arts school and actually started learning stuff that worked.  I learned how strike with brutal intentions, how to take my opponent down, and a series of awesome submission moves.

After all that, I STILL got punched in the face constantly.

I remember days when I couldn’t chew food because my jaw wouldn’t work properly.  Even though I was strong and becoming skilled, I was getting hit way too much, and I was still paranoid about my “odds” of winning.

One stupid punch… that’s all it takes for things to go badly.

At some point,  I moved to Philadelphia and became fascinated with boxing.  For $30/month I could ride my bike to the ghetto and get punched in the face by some scary looking dudes all day.  It was great!

It was at one of these boxing gyms that I discovered a revolutionary boxing coach named Gary Nichols.

Gary was crazy.  He instantly believed that I could become the champ of the world, and he insisted on beating me with Pool Noodles while I tried to dodge them.  He taught me the technique behind slipping punches, and then he made me do it until my core was exhausted.

As I became harder to smack in the face with these styrofoam tubes, Gary taught me brilliant ways to crush my opponent by using these “slips” as a set up to the devastating strikes that would follow.

“Make him miss and make him pay for it” became my core philosophy.

I had no choice, as Gary would scream that phrase while beating my face with foam noodles.  Again, it was great!

Soon enough, we moved onto some more realistic training.  Gary would put me in the ring with boxers and I would be expected to “fight” them without punching.  This consisted of a lot of scrambling around, and a lot of head movement.  It was exhausting, but I became very hard to hit.  Of course I couldn’t win the fight this way, but it wasn’t about winning.  It was about becoming comfortable dodging real punches, and having the confidence to let them whiz right by.

It was around this time that I opened an MMA school of my own and began teaching this stuff to every un-athletic guy (or girl) who walked through my doors. I was forced to figure out every single detail that made these techniques work for people of any skill level.  I figured out ways to communicate this stuff so that it made sense, and people could improve quickly.  I turned moms into elusive savages, and gave kids some scary counter punching skills.

I applied exercise science and kinesiology to these moves to add power and speed.  I added techniques that I pulled from being a professional MMA fighter.   This wasn’t just boxing anymore, it became an explosive fighting system centered on the concept of never being hit.

If you can’t get hit, then you can’t possibly lose.

My average Joe students became ninjas, and a new fighting style was born.

At this point, I’ve combined about 15 years of well-rounded MMA experience into this system and I’ve turned it into a video training course meant for trainees of ALL LEVELS.

I will bring the beginners up from absolute square one, and I guarantee that I will change the game for any advanced fighters who go through this course.

Anyone who goes through this course will build unbelievably effective fighting techniques without needing to go to an MMA gym, and without needing a training partner, any time you want.

This course is affectionately known as the “Head Movement Training Program”, and here’s what’s in it:

  1.  We start by covering all of the “slip” techniques that you will use to make punches miss.  I give you workouts and drills that will build these specific skills into your muscle memory so that when it comes time to use them, they are second nature.  Moves will “just happen”, you don’t have to think about it.
  2.  We work on your movement skills.   You will learn how to position yourself in a fight so that your opponent is never in a good spot to hit you.  You will on your ‘distancing’ as well as “attack angles’ so that you can do damage while staying safe.  This is the most important stand up fighting concept that you can ever master.
  3.  I will teach you the secrets that actually make the High-Level Bob n’ Weave game possible.  You will learn stuff like Reading Your Opponent: How do you know what punch he’s going to throw?  How do you determine which slip to execute?  How do you know how fast your opponent is going to be punching so you can slip punches at the right pace?  All of this will make perfect sense when you go through the course.
  4. Throughout this program, I give you a large assortment of ways to annihilate your opponent… we combine head movement with brutal attacks in brilliant ways.  These clever set ups have helped me to temporarily cripple my sparring partners (and other idiots on the street) for many years.  If you add just a FEW of these concepts/tricks to your arsenal, you will be very dangerous in a fight.  Even mastering just ONE of these head movement set ups could help you win a life’s worth of street fights… but why stop with one ?   😉
  5. Just as I teach you the techniques, I give you workouts to reinforce this knowledge.  Feeding your mind is part of the equation, but to truly become a master, you need to do some real physical training.  I designed these workouts to give you that training, and to get you in shape simultaneously.

As always, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee in writing…

I am positive that you will love this program, but if for some reason you’re not using it, if it’s not what you expected, or if you just suddenly need your cash back for something else, shoot me an email within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund… no questions asked.  You sir, have nothing to lose on this investment

Look, don’t get punched in the face… don’t get your teeth permanently broken, or a bone shard stuck into your eyeball.  These massive injuries are completely preventable with a little training.

So if you want to become impossible to punch, if you want to amaze people with some truly impressive fighting skills, and if you want to be confident that you can’t possibly lose a fight, click the button beneath this sentence to check out The Head Movement Training Program.

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